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Page of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


patience, durability, the material, messages, studies, starting a business, careful planning, being focused on a goal, keeping your feet planted on the ground, growth of something new, learning new things, being committed to a new project, a practical approach, loyalty, faithfulness

page of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


The Page of Pentacles stands in a green landscape. There are flowers around him and in the background there is a group of fruit-bearing trees and a furrowed field, which symbolizes fertility. The mountain in the distance represents durability. The sky is yellow indicating that the sun is rising - a sign for a new beginning. The Page is fully focused on the coin in his hands. He holds it very gently and is almost balancing it on his fingertips. His green tunic represents growth and the red hat he is wearing symbolizes his passion for a new goal.

General Meaning

The Page of Pentacles represents the element earth, since Pages and the Suit of Pentacles both represent the element earth. He can represent something new coming into your life. It can be a message that you receive from someone, which probably has to do with financial matters, studies, material things, health or something of value. If representing a message it can also mean that you shouldn't expect it to arrive quickly - it will take some time to reach you. It can also symbolize the beginning stage of a new project. This could be the start of studies, a business or something durable and valuable to you.

as a person:


somoene young or immature, male or female, down to earth, patient, reliable, calm, nature-loving, steady, curious, eager for knowledge, systematic, responsible, loyal, careful planner, careful, hardworking, commited, pensive, cautious, practical


Love Meaning


In a love reading Page of Pentacles can represent a relationship that has the potential to become strong and durable, since the Page of Pentacles represents the characteristics of the element earth. In a more negative sense, it could indicate that the relationship is in a very stable routine and might benefit from a little more action. If you met someone new and he/she is represented by this card, they might be looking for a stable relationship or at least see a long-term potential with you.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels about you, Page of Pentacles can mean that the person in question feels like they found something valuable in you. They could feel like this is the beginning of a new friendship or relationship. They also might want to get to know you better, but they might move slowly and act cautiously.

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