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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


action that is taken carefully, having a long-term vision, thinking before acting, hard work, taking time, commitment, discipline, patience, building a business, investing in the future, endurance, loyalty, support, caution, routine, putting plans into action.

knight of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


The Knight of Pentacles is sitting on a black sturdy horse, that stands at the edge of a plowed field. It seems that this knight stays home at his kingdom. He gently holds a pentacle before him and gazes into the distance – symbolizing his vision. Knights generally represent action that is taken, but this knight seems to be very careful with his actions. His strength is to ponder and plan the next step and not to rush into anything. His tunic, gloves and the halter and decorations on the horse are red – representing passion. The yellow color of the sky is associated with the intellect.


General Meaning

In the Knight of Pentacles, the elements fire and earth are combined. He is a representation of action that is taken in a thought-out and careful manner. When he appears in a reading, he can represent a situation when you work on something with a long-term vision. Maybe you have carefully planned a project and are ready to put in the time and effort that it needs to lead you to success. He can also symbolize situations where you prefer to act cautiously and wait for things to develop before you decide on how to act.

As a Person

A young person, probably in their twenties or thirties, male or female with a masculine energy, grounded, acting carefully, determined, hardworking, committed, thinking before taking action, nature lover, likes structure and security, doesn’t take risks, reliable, trustworthy, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, practical, systematic, loyal, patient, taking his time

Love Meaning

In a love reading about an existing relationship the Knight of Pentacles can be a very positive sign, since he represents commitment and stability. If he represents a person in your life, it could mean that they have decided to stay at your side and see you as a long-term partner. If you have just met a person represented by this card, you might have to be prepared to get to know them very slowly. Remember the Knight of Pentacles likes to take his time, to ponder and not to rush into things.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels about you, Knight of Pentacles can mean that the person in question feels commited to you. They might feel like staying at your side and taking their time to get to know you. They might also feel like taking things slow.

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