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Queen of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


wealth, a mother figure, high social status, business woman, financial independence, nurture, taking care of someone, being taken care of, love for nature and animals, commitment, luxury, success, generosity, environment

queen of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


The Queen of Pentacles sits on a decorated, wooden throne, representing prosperity. All around her is lush vegetation. At her feet there is moss, red flowers and a bush of roses encircles her. The flowers symbolize fertility and growth and the rabbit in the right corner is another symbol for fertility and reproduction. The queen gently holds a pentacle in her lap. The red robe she is wearing symbolizes her loving nature and her green cape represents her connection to nature. 


General Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles combines the elements earth and water and therefore the realm of the material and the emotional. If she does not represent a person with the qualities of the Queen of Pentacles, she can symbolize qualities of yourself that correspond to the Queen of Pentacles. Since she is very motherly, responsible and reliable, she might appear in situations when you take care of someone and give someone your support or when you are the person that feels cared for and at home. In a future position the Queen of Pentacles generally indicates that there will be positive developments and growth. She is also a good card to get if you ask about financial matters since she is a symbol for wealth and luxury. Also, she is a woman that has achieved a lot, so she can represent a business woman.

As a Person


A woman or a man with feminine energy, probably in their thirties or mature, might be a wealthy woman, loves nature, motherly, patient, loves beautiful things, business woman, likes a beautiful home, nurturing, practical, likes to take care of people, good host, good listener, organized, caring, love for material things, generous, luxurious, realistic, grounded.

Love Meaning

When the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes a relationship its a sign that you feel "at home" and taken care of by your partner. You can probably rely on each other and give each other a feeling of security. For singles it can indicate that you will meet a person with the character traits of the Queen of Pentacles. She could also represent yourself and remind you that you can afford to be picky when choosing a partner, since the Queen of Pentacles represents a woman that has it all and deserves a partner that can give back to her what she has to give.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, Queen of Pentacles can indicate that the person in question feels like they want to take care of you and be there for you, like a mother or a father. They might also feel like supporting you.

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