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Ten of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism

wealth, cycles, family bonds, life experience, wisdom, security, achievements, financial success, stability, achieved long-term goals, strong investments, permanence, property, continuity, Inheritance, family business, loyalty, settling down, solid foundations, achieved lifetime goals.

ten of pentacles

Description and Symbolism

We see a scene in a town. An old man with a white beard sits in front of an archway. He wears a luxurious robe that is decorated with grapes and symbols and is petting a dog on its head. In the background we see a man and a woman - one entering and one leaving through an archway that leads to a town. The woman has a child with her, that is petting another dog on its tail. The people in the picture seem to be connected in some way. It could be that they are a family. With the old man and the young child, the people entering and leaving, and the dogs being petted on the head and on the tail, a feeling comes up that this card is about life cycles and connectedness. The 10 pentacles superimposed over the picture indicate financial security and achievements.

General Meaning

The number ten is symbolic of a completion and culmination. In the Ten of Pentacles card, it represents a final fulfillment, financial wealth and stability. When it comes to wealth, not only financial wealth is meant. It could also be the wealth of life experiences and anything that has value to you. It can represent a reward for something that you have worked for, for a very long time. When this card shows up in a future position, you can be assured that there will be a happy ending. Another meaning is a strong family bond. Lastly, Ten of Pentacles can represent the cycle of life and the achievement of lifetime goals.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Ten of Pentacles generally represents a happy relationship that adds value to your life. If you have invested in a relationship over a long time period by building good memories, overcoming crisis and through your mutual affection, you can now reap the reward of a stable, strong and loving relationship. It is also a good indicator that you make the next step with your partner and get engaged, married or make plans to raise a family. The pentacles are also symbolic of the material, so it can represent a relationship with someone rather wealthy.



As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels about you, Ten of Pentacles can mean that the person in question really values you. They might see you as someone they can imagine building a future with, or if you are already in a relationship with them, they might see you as a solid part of their life. They value the past they had with you and see you in their future.

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