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Page of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


messages, intuition, expressing emotion, the inner child, new ideas, new approach, new beginning, naivety, romantic proposals, good news, start of creative projects, loving gestures, emotional immaturity.

Page of cups

Description and Symbolism

A young man is standing in front of a body of water. He wears a blue tunic with red floral prints representing emotions, love and passion. The baret he wears is adorned with a scarf that resembles flowing water. The water is a symbol for emotions and the subconscious. In his hand he holds a cup filled with water and a fish has protruded its head out of it looking at the page. It seems as if they are communicating in some way.

General Meaning


Page of Cups can represent something new coming into your life. It can be an emotional message that you receive from someone or something that comes from the depth of your mind into your awareness - just like the fish pointing its head out of the cup. Page of Cups can also represent a childlike and carefree approach to a matter or a person with the characteristics of the Page of Cups.

As a Person


someone young or immature, male or female, mostly driven by their emotions, friendly, warm-hearted, romantic, sensitive and dreamy.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Page of Cups can represent emerging emotions. Maybe you become aware of the feelings you have for someone or you start to express them and open up to your love interest. This card symbolizes young love and a carefree and playful approach to it. It also stands for romantic proposals, messages, loving gestures and renewal in a relationship.

As Feelings:


If you ask how somoene feels for you the Page of Cups can indicate that the person in question is realizing they have feelings for you. Another meaning could be that they feel like declaring to you what you mean to them. This does not necessarily have to happen in a verbal form, but the person in question might feel like wanting to show you they care.

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