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Ten of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


harmonious relationships, a happy family, strong family bonds, family support, being highly satisfied with your workplace and the people you work with, a happy home, having it all, fulfilled dreams, achievements, peace, harmony, happiness, joy, founding a family.

ten of cups

Description and Symbolism

In the Ten of Cups card we see a family - father, mother and 2 children. The couple stands with their backs turned to the viewer, the man having his arm lovingly around the woman. Both of them have one hand raised in the air in a joyful gesture. Above the couple  we see ten cups arranged on a rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol for a blessing and a very good omen. The children are dancing together in a circle. In the distance we see a little house in a green landscape with a river flowing through. They symbolize abundance and security. 

General Meaning


The number 10 symbolizes completion. Ten of Cups stands for the achievement of emotional goals, happiness and joy. This card can appear when you have gotten married lately or when you decided to start a family with your partner. Ten of Cups is mostly about a happy familiy life and the love and support you get from them. But it can also represent a general state of happiness and the feeling of being 'at home' and with the right group of people. If it appears in a reading about work for example, it can indicate that you feel happy and at home at your workplace and that the people around you are almost like a family to you. 

Love Meaning

In a love reading Ten of Cups stands for a fulfilling relationship that most probably is meant to be long-term. Maybe you already went through ups and downs together, achieved mutual goals and now you are in a stable place enjoying what your have. You and your partner are a good team and have all reasons to be happy. It could also mean that you decided to get married or that you and your partner want to build a familty together.  If you are single it can indicate that you will soon find someone you can have that kind of relationship with.


As Feelings:


If you ask how somoene feels for you Ten of Cups can indicate that the person in question feels that you are like "home" to them. You most probaby make them very happy and feeling fulfilled. They might even feel like wanting to start a family or at least see you as someone they clearly see a future with. 

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