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Knight of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


acting on feelings, taking the initiative, approaching someone, courting someone, making a move, undertaking a creative project, using imagination, positive messages, invitations, proposals, knight in shining armor.

Knight of cups

Description and Symbolism


We see an armored knight with a cup in his hand, riding on a white horse. The horse moves slowly and controlled by the knight. It is a symbol for energy and power - and the colour white symbolizes spirituality and purity. The cloak the knight wears is adorned with red colored fish, symbolizing emotions and creativity. There are wings on the knights helmet and feet as a symbol for an active imagination and spirituality. In the background we see a landscape with mountains and a stream representing flowing emotions.

General Meaning


The Knight of Cups is a combination of the elements fire and water and therefore a representation of action that is driven by emotion. When this card comes up you might be full of passion for something and acting in accordance with your feelings. He can also symbolize that something positive is coming your way and will probably arrive soon, since the knight is in motion. He can also represent someone with the characteristics of the Knight of Cups.

as a person


a young person, probably in their twenties or thirties, male or female with a masculine energy, driven by their emotions, imaginative, creative, charming, romantic, caring, peacemaker, friendly, will follow their heart, not inexperienced but also not fully mature

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Knight of Cups can symbolize that you act according to your emotions. Maybe you finally make a move on your love interest and ask them out. In an existing relationship it can indicate an offer to take the relationship to the next level, loving gestures and displays of affection. When you are single, it can indicate that someone is going to pursue you actively or that you will meet someone with the character of the Knight of Cups.

As Feelings:


If you ask how somoene feels for you Knight of Cups can indicate that they feel like wanting to court you. They probably want to show you they care by their actions. The Knight of Cups is a card about action that is taken, so there is a high chance that you will hear from your love interest and they probably want to make plans with you.

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