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King of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


balance of heart and mind, emotional maturity, being diplomatic, emotional control, emotional growth, being patient, emotional stability.

King of cups tarot

Description and Symbolism


The King of Cups sits on a throne made of stone. It is placed on a stony block, surrounded by turbulent water. The stones symbolize the cold nature of the intellect, and the water symbolizes flowing emotions. His garment in the colors blue and yellow are also symbolic of emotions and the mind. His mind and heart seem to be in perfect balance. The red ship and the red parts of his clothes symbolize his power and passion. The king has a calm and collected look on his face, indicating that his feelings are controlled by his mind. Like all the Cups Court cards he holds a cup in one hand and with the other he holds a scepter, symbolizing his authority.

General Meaning

The King of Cups is a combination of the Elements water and air, and therefore the realm of the emotions and the intellect. He represents the balance between the two. So if he shows up he can indicate that you don't let your emotions take control and have a negative influence on you, but you keep in control of your feelings and also use your head to make important decisions. He can also represent someone with the characteristics of the King of Cups.

as a person


most probably a man or a woman with masculine traits, in their later thirties or mature, balanced heart and mind, kind, fatherly, authoritarian, experienced, warm, honest, diplomatic, wise, socially skilled, protective, compassionate, tolerant, devoted, loyal, family oriented, spiritual, creative, good husband and father, family-oriented

Love Meaning


If the King of Cups symbolizes your relationship its a sign that there is an emotional balance. It might not be the first relationship you have, and you might have already mastered the skill to not always let your emotions take control. This can mean that you don't always show jealousy when deep down you feel that it is unreasonable and/or that you dissolve your conflicts in a reasonable manner. Generally he indicates a pleasant and well balanced atmosphere in a relationship. 


As Feelings:


If you ask how someone feels for you the King of Cups can indicate that the person in question probably has feelings for you, since the cups represent emotions. They might want to act like a loving father towards you and protect you. 

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