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Queen of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


tenderness,  being emotional, intuition, compassion, femininity, being affectionate, being motherly, to care for others.

Queen of Cups Tarot

Description and Symbolism

We see the queen dressed in a white robe and a blue and white cloak. She sits on a beautiful throne, placed at a sea shore. The colors of her garment symbolize purity, spirituality and emotion. The throne is adorned with figures of mermaids, symbolizing love, emotion and beauty. And a scallop shell, which is associated with several female deities. She looks at a large, golden cup, which she gently holds with both of her hands. The place where she sits is surrounded by water, and her feet are rested on colorful rocks in the sand.

General Meaning


Queens and the Suit of Cups both represent water and therefore emotions. This card is all about loving and tender energies and the power of intuition. If it appears to represent a situation, it can indicate that you feel at home, nurtured and understood by those around you. As an advice it can indicate that you should listen to your heart and to use your intuition. In a more negative sense, it can symbolize that someone is completely controlled by their emotions and not using their head at all. She can also represent someone with the characteristics of the Queen of Cups.

as a person    


a woman or a man with feminine energy, probably in their thirties or mature, thinks with his/her heart, loving, gentle, motherly, intuitive, emotional, empathetic, moody, passionate, affectionate, generous, sensitive, introverted, creative, good listener, problem solver, fashionable, compassionate, beautiful, romantic, spiritual.

Love Meaning


When the Queen of Cups shows up in a love reading it is usually a positive sign. She can indicate a loving relationship with deep emotions, affection, and an almost telepathic understanding between the couple. There probably is a nurturing and giving energy present in the way the couple interacts, since the Queen of Cups is connected to motherly care. In a more negative sense, she could indicate uncontrolled emotions, jealousy or clingy behavior. 

As Feelings:


If you ask how someone feels for you the Queen of Cups can indicate that the person in question probably has a lot of feelings for you, since it is a card about emotions. They probably want to take to care of you, to protect you, and to show you affection. More negatively, this person might be so full of feelings or even insecurity that they might act clingy at times.

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