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Ace of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


new love, new relationships of any kind, the emergence of feelings, unconditional love, compassion, creative flow, the potential for love, happiness, joy, emotional fulfilment, pleasure.

Cup Ace Tarot

Description and Symbolism


A white hand is coming out of a cloud, holding a large golden cup above a pond. The white color represents purity and a new beginning. Five streams of water spring forth from the cup, symbolizing overflowing emotions. There is a white dove holding a christian wafer in its beak, diving towards the mouth of the cup. The dove is a symbol for purity, love and peace.

General Meaning


The Aces symbolize a new beginning or potential and the general attributes connected to the Suit. The Suit of the Cups represents emotions, spirituality, creative forces and relationships. The Ace of Cups can symbolize love or the potential to fall in love, when you have just met someone. But this card does not only have a romantic meaning. It can also represent love for the family or even a hobby or job, depending on the question and position. 

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Ace of Cups is a very promising and positive card to get. It can indicate that there is the potential to fall in love with a person or that love has developed, if you are at a later stage. It can also represent the start of a new relationship. If you ask how someone is feeling for you, you can be sure that feelings are there. At best it represents love and an abundance of positive emotions.

As Feelings:

If you ask how someone feels for you Ace of Cups means that this person definitely has feelings for you and probably a lot of feelings. It can even be a sign that they love you or have fallen in love with you. They might also let the feelings they have for you pour out and act very emotionally towards you. 

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