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20 - Judgement - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


awakening, rebirth, new beginnings and ends, salvation from unfavorable situations, rescue, forgiveness, the evaluation of past experiences, taking responsibility for ones actions, renewal, a wake up call, life changing events taking place, transition from one state to another.


Description and Symbolism

Several naked people are standing with outstretched arms, looking up to the angel Gabriel in the sky. The angel is blowing a trumpet, and its noise is waking the people and making them rise from their graves. The trumpet has a banner on it, symbolizing the victory over death. The scene depicts the last judgement as known in many mythologies.


General Meaning

The Judgement has the number 20. Its numerological meaning is new beginnings and spiritual progression. Judgement can appear in situations when it is necessary to evaluate a situation and make a decision based on that evaluation. This card can ask you to finally take the step to change something that can't go on like before any longer. It can also mean that something happens to you, that brings a big positive change - even if it does not seem so in the beginning. Maybe you are taken out of a situation you have been used to and learned to live with, but the change in your life will anyways be positive and can be seen as a salvation. This card can also appear when you have the feeling of being resurrected and being able to make a new start. Another meaning of this card is judging and being judged. 

Love Meaning

In a love reading Judgement can indicate that a relationship is coming to a turning point. This can mean that you decide to marry your partner because they make you truly happy. But also - if things between you and your partner haven’t been good lately - the appearance of this card can mean that now is the time for the evaluation of the past. You might need to think about if there are steps you can take to make things better, or even if it is time to let go and make room for something new and more fulfilling. When you have been worrying and fighting in a relationship all the time and now it is ending, this end can be seen as a salvation and a step to a change for the better. If you have been dating someone for a while, Judgement can indicate that it is time to think about, if you want to enter a relationship or not.


As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Judgement can indicate that the person in question feels like it is time for a change. What this change could be, depends on the circumstances you are in. They might feel like an evaluation needs to be made. Another aspect of the Judgement card is resurrection. So they might feel like they get a new chance or are able to make a fresh start. 

Negative or reversed Meaning

A negative meaning of the Judgement card could be that you resist a change that is inevitable. For example when your relationship or job does not make you happy anymore, but you decide to stay - probably out of fear from that change. In that case the Judgment card can remind you that it is time to make a decision and to evaluate your past. Another negative meaning could be that you judge someone unfairly. It can also mean that you don't want to take responsibility for what is going wrong in your life and tend to blame only the circumstances and those around you. 

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