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19 - The Sun - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


positivity, good fortune, vitality, warmth, accomplishments, happiness, joy, self-confidence, power, healing, regeneration, success, fullfillment, enthusiasm, clarity, insight, carefreeness, fun, prosperity, energy, rebirth, happy times, being blinded.

sun tarot

Description and Symbolism

A young, naked child is sitting on a white horse. It spreads its arms and legs to the side and smiles happily. The child represents rebirth and the white horse and nakedness represent purity and freedom. In its left hand it holds an orange banner, representing accomplishments and triumph. The sun is shining brightly, symbolizing life force and happiness. The sunflowers are a symbol for happiness as well.


General Meaning

The Sun has the number 19, which can be reduced to 1, representing a new beginning. This card symbolizes good times and positive developments. When it appears in a reading, it can indicate that you experience joyful and happy times and that you are free of any worries, like the child in the picture. In a future position the Sun indicates a success and improvement of your situation. Another meaning of this card is strength, good health and feeling full of energy. Since in the sunlight we see everything clearly, the Sun can also indicate clarity. Maybe you gain new insights into a matter. In a more negative sense, it could represent the feeling of being blinded. 

Love Meaning

In a love reading the Sun can indicate happy and carefree times with your lover. It symbolizes a strong relationship, full of fun, passion and common activities. The Sun can also indicate that someone elicits feelings of joy in you. They give you strength and make you feel carefree and alive - like the sun. Another meaning could be that you find out something that was hidden before and can now be seen in clarity. If you are single, it can symbolize that you enjoy your freedom and the fun aspects of not being in a relationship. 

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Sun can indicate that the person in question feels happy around you. You might be like the sun to them. You make them feel strong, happy and self-confident. They might see you as someone cheerful and carefree. The person in question might also feel energized and passionate around you. Since clarity is another aspect of the sun, it can also indicate that they feel sure. They have no doubts about you. 

Negative or reversed Meaning

A negative aspect of the sun is, that you are blinded by the sun. Maybe someone presents themself to you in a way that makes you trust them and see them for what they are not. This could also apply to a situation when you are overly optimistic and almost in a trance and you fail to realize any danger. 

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