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Seven of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


fight for the maintenance of a position, state or status, having to deal with all kinds of challenges, being defensive, having enemies, being attacked, having competition, not giving up, feelings stressed, being unprepared in an attack, defending a point of view, to fight for what you believe in,  a destabilizing factor coming in from the outside.


Description and Symbolism


The Seven of Wands shows a man on an elevated position of a rocky landscape, holding a wand with both hands before him. He is fighting off 6 other wands, that are probably held by other people. If you look at his feet you see that he wears two different kinds of shoes, which indicates his uneven footing and that he was not prepared for the attack. Besides, there is water on the ground, which indicates that he has to be careful where he stands so he won’t slip. He seems to be in a difficult situation.


General Meaning 

The number 7 symbolizes a challenge. Seven of Wands can represent a situation when we are being attacked by someone and we have to defend ourselves. You might also feel threatened not by a person, but by a situation. For example if you have a business and you have a lot of competitors in that field. Seven of Swords represents situations where you have to fight for the position you have. Maybe there is someone around you, who wants what you have and is ready to actively fight for it. Seven of Wands also can mean that you have to defend your opinion and your point of view in front of one person or several people. 


Love Meaning


In a love reading the Seven of Wands can indicate disagreements with your partner and the fight about who is right. Maybe you have to defend your point of view. It could be that you are being attacked or accused of something and you need to explain yourself. Seven of Wands can also indicate that your relationship is threatened by an outside factor or that you feel threatened by other men or women. Another meaning is, that someone else is wooing the person you like, and you have to fight to maintain your position. 


As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Seven of Wands can indicate that the person in question feels like they have to defend themselves against you. Maybe you have confronted them about something they did and now they feel like they have to explain themselves. Most likely they don't feel they have done something wrong. Another meaning could be that they want to put you in your place. They might feel like you have acted importunately and want to keep you at arm's length. 

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