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Eight of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


movement, energy, progress, enthusiasm, focus, focused energy, decisiveness, determination, new ideas, to pursue ones goals, feeling charged with energy, something coming very suddenly, excitement, sudden impulse, aggression, attack.


Description and Symbolism


On the Eight of Wands card we see 8 wands hurtling through the air in a green and fertile landscape. They are reminiscent of arrows that have been shot. It seems they have been shot in the air following an impulse, and the destination seems to be rather vague. Apparently all wands have been shot at once and are not directed at one certain point. There is the danger that some of the wands might hit the wrong target. Nevertheless all wands have been shot in one direction which indicates a certain focus.



General Meaning


Here the number 8 hints at a changed state. With all the wands flying though the air this card represents action and movement. Maybe you use all you energies on something and feel very motivated at the time. Eight of Wands can represent a situation when we feel like we just want to take action. It could mean that the actions we take were not planned but rather inspired by a sudden impulse. Depending on the position it could encourage you to just go for it or warn you not to act impulsively and without thinking. Depending on the position it can also indicate a sudden attack or something coming quite suddenly.

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Eight of Wands can indicate that you feel like you have been struck by cupids arrow. Maybe you are charged with feelings for someone and are acting on them. You might also take a risk, gather yourself and approach your crush. Eight of Wands can advise you to not only act on your impulses. If you feel like taking action, think about it first. It can also indicate passion in a relationship.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Eight of Wands can indicate that they feel energized. Perhaps they want to approach you or ask you out. In any case they feel like taking action. Since the Wands symbolize passion, it could also mean that they feel very passionate about you. 

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