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Queen of Swords - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


to use your head more than your heart, not being easy to fool, to see through something, being fair, being honest, being direct, being strong.

queen of swords

Description and Symbolism

The Queen of Swords sits on a throne that is made of stone and is adorned with carvings of angels and butterflies. The butterfly is a symbol for transformation but also for the restlessness of the mind, since the butterfly flitters from flower to flower and changes direction in flight all the time. The clouds hanging low might indicate that she is on a mountain top. It also symbolizes that she doesn't have her head in the clouds and that her thoughts are clear. She holds a sword in one hand, and her other hand is raised in the air as if announcing a verdict. The expression on her face is rather cold and emotionless. Her white gown is a symbol for her pure intentions.

General Meaning

In the Queen of Swords, the elements of Water and Air are combined and therefore the realm of the emotions and the intellect. She can appear in situations when you use your head more than letting emotions influence you. As an advice she can ask you to use logic, but in a caring and responsible manner, to look at the facts and to be direct and honest when communicating with others. 

As a Person


A woman or a man with feminine energy, probably in their thirties or mature, intelligent, fair, analytical, thoughtful, sharp minded, not to be fooled with, honest, truthful, good advisor, career oriented, well organised, direct, strong, determined, experienced, self-confident, in a negative sense she can be manipulative, bullying, cold, mean.

Love Meaning


In a love reading she can symbolize a relationship that is founded on an intellectual connection more than on passion. For singles she can indicate that you will meet someone with the character traits of the Queen of Swords. It might be difficult to get close to this person quickly, since they use their head more than their heart and might keep their guard up for longer than usual. You also shouldn't be dishonest with them since they are smart and can see through deception. This person won't listen to their heart but only to their head, so be careful not to disappoint them. Once they decide its time to break up, they will stick with their decision. The same is true when they are convinced you are the right person for them. 


As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Queen of Swords can indicate that the person in question has feelings for you, but they are also very careful. They might not act on their feelings. This person is using their head before they take action and they want to stay in control. 

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