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Knight of Swords - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


putting plans into action, being energetic, being motivated, quick thinking, hasty decisions, arguments, fighting for what you want, attack, defence, bravery, impulsiveness, hostility, anger.

Knight of Swords

Description and Symbolism


We see the Knight of Swords on his white horse charging forward with great speed. He is bent forward with his sword raised high above his head, and he seems to be shouting. His red cape and the feather on his helmet are flowing in the wind. The color red symbolizes his power and passion and the white horse symbolizes purity and intellectual energy. Butterflies decorate the harness, as a symbol for transformation and the restlessness of the mind. The clouds in the sky and the trees bending in the wind also indicate movement. 

General Meaning

In the Knight of Swords, the elements Air and Fire are combined. He symbolizes action that is driven by the intellect. He can represent a time when you put your plans into action - possibly in a hasty manner, because you feel very passionate and full of energy at this time. When you are facing decisions, you need to be careful since the Knight of Swords tends to make quick decisions that are not necessarily the right ones. Remember that the Knights represent people that are not as mature and experienced as the Kings or Queens. 

as a person


a young person, probably in their twenties or thirties, male or female with a masculine energy, actions are based on the intellect, energetic, intelligent, communicative, opinionated, moving fast, impatient, rebellious, brave, witty, action-oriented, constantly on the move, restless, problem-solver,  self-confident, sharp-minded, bold, honest, in a more negative sense they can be cruel, insensitive, insulting, selfish, rude, self-opinionated

Love Meaning

In a love reading Knight of Swords can represent a situation when there is a conflict in the relationship and someone is being verbally attacked or needs to defend themselves. He can symbolize arguments and drama. If you are single, it can symbolize that a person with the personality traits of the Knight of Swords will enter your life. When you have just met someone it can indicate that you act too hastily and rush into a relationship too soon. 

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Knight of Swords can indicate that the person in question wants to confront you about a matter or they feel like they need to defend themselves. It is possible that this person is angry at the time and that they didn't take time to think through what they are going to say. Even if this person chooses not to talk to you, they might be full of restless thoughts about you or a matter. More positively, they could feel like they can't wait to talk to you and make plans with you.

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