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Page of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


energy, enthusiasm, new projects, enterprises, adventurousness, optimism, self-development, good news, planning an undertaking, messages.

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Description and Symbolism


The Page of Wands stands in a dessert with red colored sand and pointy hills. The hills look a bit like pyramids – a symbol for focused energy. The red colors of the landscape are symbolic of action and passion. The colors of his clothes are similar to his surroundings to symbolize groundedness. The page holds a wand with both of his hands before him and is looking at it intently. His tunic is adorned with salamanders, which are symbolic of fire - the element of the Wands.

General Meaning


The Page of Wands can indicate that you are enthusiastic about starting a new project. Maybe you found a new hobby that you are passionate about, or you just started to learn something new and feel very motivated. The Page is still young and inexperienced, so he symbolizes the beginning stage of an undertaking. At this stage you might have to expect setbacks, but this should not hinder you to succeed, since patience is necessary to reach ones goals. The Pages are also associated with the element of Earth - so they represent being down to earth. The Page of Wands can advise you to start slowly with what you are planning and to think everything through. Since the Pages also represent messages, he can be a sign that good news are coming your way - probably it has to do with an enterprise or fun activity.

As a Person


Someone young or immature, male or female, enthusiastic, energetic, with a practical approach, passionate, determined, patient.

Love Meaning

In a love reading it could mean that you and your partner do something exciting and fun together. Maybe you take a trip or you found a hobby that you can engage in together. It can also indicate that there is great sexual attraction and passion between you. The Page of Wands can also represent the feelings of excitement of the beginning stage of a relationship. 

When the Page of Wands represents a new person coming into your life, you should be careful in case you look for something stable. This card is more about fun, adventure and passion and these feelings might be short-lived.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, Page of Wands can indicate that the person in question feels passionate about you. They might feel enthusiastic and want to get to know.  They might be thinking about going on a fun date with you. But nevertheless they might feel hesitant to approach you. This is because the Pages bring a slow and cautious energy with them. 

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