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Knight of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


enthusiasm, action, passion, acting first – thinking later, sudden appearance, lust, impulsiveness, adventure, motivation, desire.

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Description and Symbolism


We see the Knight of Wands riding through the desert on his amber colored horse. In his right hand he holds a wand, with the other he holds the reins. The horse is rearing up, indicating that there is a lot of energy and it is not easy to control. The red plumes on the knights helmet and his red gloves and saddle symbolize the passion, determination and energy behind his actions. The salamanders on his garment are symbolic of fire – the element of the Wands and also of the Knights of the Tarot.


General Meaning


The knights and also the wands represent the element fire. This means that this card is all about action and passion. You might be very passionate about a new idea and putting it into action, without taking a pause to reflect on it. Maybe you also don't think about possible downsides or consequences. This card can represent situations when we just rush into things and are full of enthusiasm. As an advice it would mean: “just go for it”, but if it represents something negative it means that there is too much action without thinking. Knight of Wands may also represent something coming into your life unexpectedly.

As a Person


Somoene young, probably in their twenties or thirties, male or female with a masculine energy, enthusiastic, energetic, action-oriented, courageous, confident, passionate, hot-tempered, impulsive, extroverted, “act first, think-later”-type, impatient, restless.

Love Meaning


In an existing relationship the Knight of Wands can symbolize a lot of passion and great sexual attraction. It also indicates that you have fun with each other and probably like to share a lot of activities together. When the Knight of Wands symbolizes a new man coming into your life, don't have too high of expectations if you want to build something stable with him. He represents a 'Player' type of guy that is mostly interested in fun and adventure and might get bored of you quickly. But you can expect to have fun and a lot of passion while it lasts.

As Feelings

If you ask how somone feels for you, the Knight of Wands can indicate that the person in question feels full of energy and passion. It is also very likely that they will act on their feelings for you. Since the Wands can indicate physical passion, they most probably feel sexually attraced to you.

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