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Eight of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


walking away, breakup, relocation, end of a cycle, an arduous journey, leaving something behind, putting the past behind ones back, finding oneself, abandonment, time to leave, sadness, having to start anew.

eight of cups

Description and Symbolism


We see eight cups arranged in the foreground of a dreary, rocky landscape with a stagnant bog of water. The rocks and mountains are covered with moss. A sad looking moon tells us that it is night-time. The overall atmosphere is distressing. A man in a red cloak has turned his back to the cups and is walking away into the distance. His position tells us, that he must have walked over stones protruding from the water to get to the other side and he also has a walking stick, which indicates that his walk is arduous. He has to leave the cups behind, which are probably dear to him. His red cloak symbolizes his strength to take of on this journey.

General Meaning


The number eight hints at the end of a cycle. The Eight of Cups indicates the end of a situation and the arduous way to a new beginning somewhere else. It indicates that the decision to leave wasn't easy, but it was necessary. Eight of Cups can also appear in situations when you had to leave involuntarily. It can symbolize a break-up, a relocation or a dismissal from work. Lastly, it can represent the spiritual quest to find oneself. 

Love Meaning

In a love reading it most probably indicates a breakup. You either had to leave with a heavy heart or you were abandoned and now you have to face changes and start anew somewhere else. It can also indicate that you just leave a situation that wasn't fulfilling. You might have been rejected by your crush or you just give up on them cause it is just not working. If you are single it can symbolize the wearisome search for love.

As Feelings:


If you ask how somoene feels for you Eight of Cups can indicate that they feel like its best to leave or leave something behind. They might want to turn their back on the past. The person in question might also feel rejected, so they choose to withdraw. 

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