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Nine of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


satisfaction, joy, happiness, the achievement of goals, fulfilment, wealth, pleasures of all kind, a wish coming true, feeling pleased, being proud, being happy on your own, fulfilled needs.

nine of cups tarot

Description and Symbolism


A wealthy looking man is sitting on a wooden bench. His arms are crossed before his chest and his legs have a very open position, which demonstrates his self-assurance. He looks very satisfied and proud and his red hat with the red feathers symbolize his self-confidence and active mind. Behind him is a wall in an arched shape, covered by a blue cloth symbolizing spiritual fulfilment. There are 9 cups arranged on top of the wall. The floor and background are yellow to symbolize happiness and joy.

General Meaning


The number 9 symbolizes the end of a cycle or a completion. In this card it deals with the achievement of goals and the happiness that comes with it. Maybe you have worked long for a goal and now you can lean back and be proud of yourself. Or you are in a relationship that is very fulfilling and that makes you happy. Nine of Cups indicates satisfaction on all levels. 


Love Meaning


In a love reading the Nine of Cups can represent high satisfaction, pleasures and fulfilled needs. If you are in a relationship you probably feel lucky to have found someone that seems perfect for you. For singles it can mean that you are content with yourself and being single. In a more negative sense Nine of Cups can represent that someone is not active and making a move on the other person, probably because a lot is coming from them and they don't feel like they need to make an effort – just like the man sitting there, being fully satisfied already.


As Feelings:


If you ask how somoene feels for you Nine of Cups can indicate that they feel happy and satisfied. There is nothing more they could ask of you. It can also indicate that they feel like not having to make any efforts, since their needs are fullfilled. For example a situation might be represented where you contact your love interest all the time and they feel like they don't need to write you first since you will probably contat them anyways. 

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