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9 - The Hermit - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


contemplation, self-discovery, the turning away from worldly matters, introspection, the search for truth, retreat, the volitional seperation from others, meditation, wisdom, solitude, introversion, independence, modesty, silence,  isolation, to do your own thing, loneliness.

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The Hermit - Description and Symbolism

The Hermit card depicts a wise old man standing at the top of a mountain. He holds a lantern in one hand and a staff in the other hand. His position on the top of a mountain indicates an accomplishment. If you look closely, you will see that there is a six pointed star inside his lantern. It is the Seal of Solomon, which is a symbol for wisdom. The Hermit seeks for knowledge that comes from within - and the inner voice can best be heard in solitude.


The Hermit - General Meaning

The Hermit has the number 9 which stands for a completion, wisdom and renewal. When he appears in a reading, he can symbolize a time when we choose to spend time alone to get in touch with our inner self and find answers to our questions within ourself. Maybe you decided to take a trip on your own, or you just want to withdraw from the world outside for a while and take some time to think and get away from the influence of the people close to you. The Hermit can also symbolize that you 'do your own thing', instead of trying to fit into a group of people. In a more negative sense, the Hermit can symbolize loneliness and the feeling of being an outsider. 

The Hermit - Love Meaning

The Hermit in a love reading can symbolize different things depending on the surrounding cards and general situation. If the Hermit represents your partner in a love reading, it could mean that they need some alone time. Maybe there is something they need to think about, or they just want to do something on their own - like taking time for a hobby that you don't share. This card does not represent a breakup, but just that your partner needs a little space at this time. However, it could be an alarm sign, if other factors play a role. If the Hermit represents a relationship, it could mean that the two of you have grown apart, and that you spend too much of your time separately. In this case he can be seen as a warning and advise you to spent more time together again. For singles, the Hermit can indicate a time when you use introspection and volitionally spend time on your own. He can also symbolise someone who does not want to be in a relationship at the time. In a negative sense he can symbolize loneliness as single or the feeling of being lonely despite being in a relationship.

The Hermit - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Hermit can indicate that they are not interested in you at the time. They are probably focused on themselves at the moment. If you are in a relationship with this person and can be sure that they have feelings for you, it could mean that they feel the need to be alone for a while. Another meaning is, that they feel disconnected from you. They might feel like you two have your own seperate lives and don't perceive you as a close couple anymore. Lastly, it can symbolize that this person feels lonely and let down. 

The Hermit Reversed - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


loneliness, exclusion, isolation, withdrawing too much

The Hermit Reversed - General Meaning

If the Hermit appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that you are alone, but not by your own will. Maybe it is hard for you to connect with people at the time. Perhaps you even feel like an outsider who has to spend their time alone since you don't have another choice.

Another Meaning could be that you willingly spend a lot of time on your own, but this has a negative effect on your relationships with other people. If the Hermit appears in these situations, he can ask you to change your way of thinking, to become more open again and to find ways to reconnect. 

The Hermit Reversed - Love Meaning

When the Hermit appears reversed in a relationship reading, he can indicate that you or your partner is feeling lonely. Maybe you have grown apart or changed so much that you now feel like you are spending time with a stranger. There might be no emotional connection anymore, or you might even feel rejected by your partner. Another meaning could be that you or your partner spend too much time on their own and this leads to a feeling of disconnection. For singles, the Hermit reversed can also symbolize loneliness. 

The Hermit Reversed  - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Hermit reversed can indicate that they are feeling lonely or rejected by you. In some cases it could indicate a lack of interest. 

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