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8 - Strength - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


inner strength, the taming of animalistic instincts and our lower self, courage, patience, compassion, gentle control, calmness, gentleness, respect, mental power, fearlessness, stamina, confidence, passion, lust, rage, strong feelings, instincts, control or manipulation of others, self-belief, being strong, to pull oneself together 

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Strength - Description and Symbolism

On the Strength card we see a woman gently touching a submissive lion. The lion represents our lower instincts. These lower instincts have been tamed by the woman, by using a strength that comes from within, instead of physical strength. Over her head we see the symbol of infinity, and the wreath on her head symbolizes a victory. The white dress represents her purity of spirit. The woman has good intentions in mind.


Strength - General Meaning

The Strength card has the number 8, which represents an achievement.

It symbolizes the use of our mental strength to overcome struggles. This card can appear in situations when we need to fight against our lower instincts. Maybe you are afraid of a situation, and your instincts tell you to just run away and avoid a subject. When you decide to fight against this instinct and control your negative thoughts, you are using your inner strength. When you go through a hard time and you have been giving in to your feelings of sadness and depression for a while, but then you decide to pull yourself together and to change your negative spiral of thoughts, it can also be represented by the Strength card.

Another meaning of Strength is the subtle and indirect manipulation of others. With the lion symbolizing our instincts, Strength can also represent strong feelings like passion, rage, jealousy or lust. 

Strength - Love Meaning

In a love reading Strength can symbolize passionate love, desire and a strong bond between two people. But also negative feelings like jealousy or possessiveness, can be represented by this card, depending on the other cards of the reading. If it symbolizes negative feelings, Strength can be a sign that these feelings need to be repressed when they have a negative influence on the relationship. This card can also appear when someone controls and manipulates their partner in a subtle way, or if someone feels manipulated. 

Strength - As Feelings

If you ask ask how someone feels for you, Strength can indicate different things. It can indicate strong feelings they have for you. These could also be strong sexual feelings or emotions like jealousy or possessiveness. Feelings that sometimes need to be 'tamed'. Another meaning is, that they feel like they are in control of you. Maybe they think they can manipulate you. This person might think, they need to teach you something. Lastly, they might feel like the lion. They might feel influenced and manipulated by you. They might feel like you have a strong presence that they need to submit to.

Strength Reversed  - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


lack of inner strength, lack of confidence, lack of courage, depression,

weakness, submission, domination, instincts that are hard to suppress,

manipulation, misuse of power, rage, aggression

Strength Reversed - General Meaning

Strength reversed can indicate that at the time you are not feeling strong enough to face any obstacles in your life. You also might not be feeling very confident in yourself and your abilities. Maybe you even go through a phase of depression and you don't have the energy for even simple tasks. Since the Strength card also hints at our lower instincts, it can represent that negative emotions like rage or anger are causing a problem in your relationships. Another interpretation is that someone is being manipulated or feeling like they can't stand up for themself. 

Strength Reversed - Love Meaning

Strength reversed in a love reading can be interpreted similarly to Strength upright, but the general vibe can be seen as more negative. It can indicate that strong emotions are causing a problem. For example, one of the persons involved in the relationship might have anger issues and constantly hurting the other persons feelings. Another interpretation is that one of the partners is acting too dominant or is subtly manipulating the other person. Maybe you are using emotional blackmail or are the victim of such behaviour. 

Strength Reversed - As Feelings

As feelings for someone, Strength reversed can be interpreted similarly to Strength upright, but the general vibe can be seen as more negative. It can also mean that the person you ask about is not feeling very confident at the time. So they might like you, but feel blocked because of a lack of self-esteem. 

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