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Three of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


celebration, a success, getting together with friends, being joyful, reaping rewards, teamwork, abundance, socialising, having a good time, being popular, a group of women, a group of people.

three of cups tarot

Description and Symbolism

Three women are dancing in a circle. Each of them has a cup highly raised for a toast. Two of the women wear wreaths made of grape vines on their heads and all around them on the ground are ripe fruits, like pumpkins and grape. It seems there has been a harvest and the women are celebrating its success.

General Meaning


In the Three of Cups card, the number 3 refers to growth and abundance. Generally it can represent having a good time, reaping rewards and abundance. This card can appear in situations when there is time for a celebration.

It is also a representation of meeting friends and having a good time. Another meaning is teamwork, cooperation and goals that were reached by a team. Lastly, Three of Cups symbolizes true friendship and a growing bond between friends or a group of people. 

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Three of Cups can symbolize a happy time with your partner. Maybe you enjoy group activities with your partner and mutual friends. In a more negative sense, the Three of Cups could hint at a third person involved in the relationship or indicate an affair. If you are single and ask if someone is interested in you, this card can mean that they are interested in going out and meeting people in general, but they are not ready to commit to one person.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you Three of Cups can mean that the person in question enjoys your company. They feel like they can have fun with you and have a good time. If you are part of a circle of friends, they might see you as belonging to the group. 

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