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2 - The High Priestess - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


intuition, inner wisdom, the subconcious, secret knowledge, spirituality, the feminine side, silence, retreat, inactiveness, inner balance, harmony, inner peace, insight, being open and receptive, guidance, to look deeper into a matter, to 'wait and see', a soul connection, to ponder a situation, overthinking.

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High Priestess - Description and Symbolism


The High Priestess is seated between the black and white pillars of Solomons Temple, which symbolizes duality. Her position refers to balance between the two sides. In her hands she holds the Torah, which is representative of higher knowledge. The crescent moon to her feet stands for intuition and the unconscious.



High Priestess - General Meaning


The High Priestess has the number 2, which refers to duality and balance. She generally symbolizes intuition, inner knowledge and inner balance. The High Priestess can appear in situations when we chose to listen to our intuition.


If this card is meant as an advice, she asks you to look deeper into a matter you are trying to understand. Sometimes there is more to a situation than what can be seen on the surface.


Another aspect of this card is inactivity. So it can mean that now is a time to just 'wait and see'.


Lastly, the High Priestess is about balance. Maybe you feel like you have lost your 'inner balance' and need to work on finding your inner peace.

High Priestess - Love Meaning

In a love reading the High Priestess can represent deep feelings for someone. When this card represents a relationship, it can mean that there is a soul connection between two people. You might understand each other almost telepathically or feel as if you have known a person for a long time, even if you just met. The High Priestess also stands for a harmonious and balanced relationship.


The High Priestess can advise you to use your intuition when evaluating a relationship or person. She can be a hint that your intuition is right about something it is telling you.


For singles asking about love, in a future position, the High Priestess can indicate that you are likely to meet a soulmate.

High Priestess - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels about you, the High Priestess can indicate that the person in question feels connected to you. They might feel, as if they have always known you and as if they know things about you, without even talking to you. They might be intuitively drawn to you.


Another meaning is, that they feel balanced and at peace with themselves. In terms of feelings it could also mean that they don't feel like they have to take any action at the time.


If there was a fight lately, it could mean that they ponder about the situation in a calm manner. 

High Priestess - As a Person

The High Priestess represents someone who is intuitive and in touch with their feelings. That person probably has a high knowledge and likes to be intellectually stimulated.

The High Priestess -
Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Key Symbolism


overthinking, being lost in the inner world, illusions,

not listening to one's intuition, confusion, not opening up,

wrong conclusions, emotional imbalance, shallowness, mental illness

High Priestess Reversed - General Meaning


If the High Priestess appears reversed in a reading, she might represent the act of overthinking. Maybe you see things that are not there, or your conclusions about a matter are wrong.


It could also mean that at the time you withdraw too much into your inner world. You might not share your thoughts and feelings with people close to you and therefore communication can become difficult.


Another interpretation is that at the time you are not listening to or even ignoring your intuition. 

High Priestess Reversed - Love Meaning

The High Priestess reversed in a love reading can indicate that deep mutual understanding between a couple is missing. Maybe you and your partner have very different ways of thinking, which can make it hard to get along.

Another meaning could be that necessary communication in a relationship is blocked. One of the persons involved might not share their thoughts and feelings at all and this might have a negative effect on the relationship.

Upright the High Priestess symbolizes inner knowledge. When reversed it can indicate that what you are thinking isn't true. You might have a wrong belief about your partner.

High Priestess Reversed - As Feelings

The High Priestess Reversed can indicate that you feel like there is no deep connection and understanding between you and your partner.

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