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0 - The Fool - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism

new beginnings, adventures, new experiences and opportunities,

carelessness, spontaneity, personal growth, self-confidence, adventurousness,

exploration of the unknown, optimism, faith, courage, freedom, the unawareness of possible dangers, the inner child, love of life, innocence, travel. ​

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The Fool - Description and Symbolism

The Fool is setting off for a journey. He carries a knapsack and is optimistic and carefree, as we can see from the expression on his face and his elated walk. He has not gained a lot of experience yet and might be a little naive at this stage. The white flower in his hand represents his innocence and purity. His head is pointed upwards, and he does not notice that he might get into a dangerous situation, considering he is walking so close to the edge of the cliff. He is full of faith in the higher forces and this makes him fearless.


The Fool - General Meaning 

The Fool has the number 0, which symbolizes freedom of limitations.

This card represents our childlike self and can appear in situations when you have a very carefree and optimistic approach to a matter. You might be excited and curious about a "journey" you are about to undertake. If there are changes in your life right now, you probably welcome them. At this stage you don't fear that anything bad could happen. Also, the Fool indicates faith in oneself and in the "higher powers." Since the Fool is setting off on a journey, he also indicates travel. 


As an advice, the Fool can ask you to have an optimistic attitude, not to worry and to relax and enjoy life. Depending on the position, he can also be a warning not to act in a foolish way. 

The Fool - Love Meaning


In a love reading the Fool can represent the excitement and intense feelings of being in love. He represents the stage when you see everything through rose-colored glasses. At this point you are not aware of any flaws in your lover. Your focus might just be on having a good time. He can also symbolise a very carefree and casual attitude towards a relationship. If you ask about another person, he can represent someone who won't commit easily, because this person enjoys their freedom very much.


For singles the Fool can denote that you enjoy your freedom. It might be exciting for you to meet new people, but you are probably not in a hurry to get into a relationship.

The Fool - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Fool can indicate that the person in question is curious and open for new experiences. They might even be in love, and enjoying this feeling. Another meaning could be that they only want to 'play' and don't feel ready for a serious relationship. 

The Fool - As a person


The Fool can represent someone who is very optimistic and tends to look at the bright side of life. This person is probably also very adventurous and wants to experience new things regularly.

The Fool - Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Key Symbolism

acting foolish and without thinking, acting reckless, not being aware of a danger

limitations, limited freedom, feeling caged, being pessimistic, to worry about small things, overthinking, lost faith,  being stuck in a rut, not experiencing anything new

loosing one's freedom, loosing one's faith, inhibition



The Fool Reversed - General Meaning

If the fool appears reversed, it can indicate that at the time you are acting in a foolish way. You might not have thought something through or you might not be aware of a risk or danger. In that case it is important to think again and to consider the consequences of your actions. 

The Fool reversed can also indicate a situation when you want to start fresh and have a new beginning in an area of your life, but you are facing obstacles. Unlike the upright Fool, who approaches new situations with a carefree and optimistic attitude, you might now overthink every single thing and be plagued by doubts. 

The Fool reversed can also represent a time when you don't feel curious and excited about life anymore. You might be stuck in a rut and every day seems like the one before. 

The Fool Reversed - Love Meaning

When it comes to love matters, the Fool reversed can indicate a fear to commit. Someone might value their freedom so much, that it is causing trouble in a relationship.


Another meaning could be that you are acting foolish at the time. You might ignore red flags in a person and tell yourself that all is fine. 

Also, your relationship might be stuck in a rut. If the Fool reversed appears he can advise you to plan date nights and make things more exciting in your relationship again. 

The Fool Reversed - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Fool reversed can indicate feelings of boredom. They might feel like the relationship is stuck in a routine. 

Another interpretation is that they feel inhibited around you. They might be shy and can't completely relax around you. They might not be carefree like the upright fool.

They might also feel like their freedom is limited by you. They might feel caged.



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