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Six of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


support, charity, generosity, compassion, favors, prosperity, welfare, balance, emotional support, receiving, giving, gratitude, power, inheritance, getting back on ones feet, dependence, presents, sharing, helping, being helped, taking care, being taken care of, learning, teaching, giving or taking advice, responsibility, abundance, having to beg, not having enough.

six of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


A wealthy man stands in front of two beggars that are kneeling at his feet. He gives some coins to one of them. With the hand that is giving the money he makes the sign of benediction, which shows that he is also giving a blessing. In his other hand he holds a scale representing justice. The beggar on the left has an orange cloak. It means that his needs are material. The cloak of the beggar on the right is blue, which represents that his needs are emotional or spiritual.  


General Meaning

The number 6 has the symbolic meaning of harmony. In the Six of Pentacles card, the wealthy man is restoring harmony by sharing a little of what he has. This card can come up when you willingly give to someone in need, if you feel obliged to help someone, or if you are on the receiving end. Besides literally giving or receiving money, it can also symbolize emotional support or any other form of help. Another meaning of this card is to be in a position where you feel like you don't get enough and you constantly have to 'beg' to receive.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Six of Pentacles can represent that you are receiving support from your partner or the other way around. It can be financial, spiritual or emotional support. It can also represent that someone in the relationship is going the extra mile. Maybe some effort has to be put into the relationship to keep it in balance. In a more negative sense, it could symbolize neediness. Maybe you feel like you are not getting enough and you constantly have to 'beg' and demand things. Six of Pentacles can also come up to represent that one partner is dependent on the other.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Six of Pentacles generally indicates two things. If they feel like the wealthy man, they might enjoy helping you and being there for you. It does not necessarily mean that they help you financially, it could also mean that they feel like they can give something of value to you, or they can provide you with something you need. If they feel like the beggars, it is the other way around. They might feel thankful that you help them, and they appreciate what they get from you. Another interpretation is that they feel like they always have to ask and 'beg' for what they want. It could also mean that they feel obliged to help you and its unclear whether they are happy with that situation.

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