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Six of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


simple pleasures, being happy, appreciating what we have, accepting an offer, feeling childlike joy, being nice to other people, making other people happy, memories of good old times, childhood memories, children, the past.

six of cups tarot

Description and Symbolism


We see a boy giving a cup to a smaller female child. Four more cups can be seen in the foreground and another cup is placed on a pedestal. Each of the cups is filled with a five-pointed white flower, symbolizing innocence. In the background there are the buildings of a town and a tower. An armed man is walking towards the tower. It seems to be a place where one can feel secure. The child is smiling and happy about the gift.

General Meaning


The number six refers to harmony. The Six of Cups deals with simple pleasures, being happy and appreciating what we have and what we are offered, feeling childlike joy, being nice to other people and wanting to make them happy, feeling at home and secure. It can also represent memories of good old times or childhood memories. Six of Cups is also associated with children and the with the past.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Six of Cups could mean that you and your partner have a good and carefree time together, enjoying the simple things, like the children in the picture. It can also symbolize a partner that wants to give, make the other person happy and show their appreciation. Since there is someone older and younger, it can represent a relationship where there is a big age gap. Sometimes it represents memories of a past relationship or better times.

As Feelings:


If you ask how someone feels for you Six of Cups can mean that the person in question feels like they want to give to you. This could be presents or affection. It might also be the other way around. The person in question might feel appreciated because of the way you treat them. Since the Six of Cups also represents memories, it could mean that they feel nostalgic and that they think about the past.

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