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Seven of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


re-evaluation, the evaluation of a status, seeing some results, a small success, progress, thinking about change, questioning choices, standing at a crossroads, manifestation of goals, a waiting phase, patience, perseverance, long-term goals, to wait and see.

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Description and Symbolism


A farmer is standing next to the crop he has planted. Both of his hands rest on the stick of his shovel. He is looking at the plant on which six pentacles are growing. A seventh pentacle lies between his feet as the only ripe fruit. At least there is a little reward for now. It seems as if he is a bit tired of the work he has invested. All the more he is now ‘waiting’ to reap the rewards. He also looks a bit concerned, probably asking himself if his efforts will pay off.


General Meaning

The number seven in this card points to a re-evaluation. In the Seven of Pentacles, it symbolizes that you pause to reflect and consider if you are still on the right path and if what you invest your time and effort in, is still promising you the rewards you expect. Seven of Pentacles also represents situations in which you ‘wait’ for a reward for what you have invested. This can be a work project, the time and emotion you have invested in someone, studies that will hopefully lead to the job you want or other things. Lastly, a phase could be represented where you pause and just wait and see. For now you might just not have all the information you need to make a decision.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Seven of Pentacles can represent a relationship where one of the partners is expecting some sort of progress to happen. Maybe you have invested your time and feelings in someone and now you ask yourself if it will ever lead to what you really want. It can also represent a time when you already had issues in your relationship and you have been waiting for a while for things to get better. Maybe only little has changed and this makes you think about if it is still worth to stick around. Seven of Pentacles can also represent the beginning phase of a relationship, when you are unsure of how it is going to develop. Maybe you say to yourself: "let's wait and see."

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you Seven of Pentacles can indicate that the person in question either feels unsure about you or about themselves. They could be thinking: "Is this relationship going to work out?", "will this ever change?" etc. They might not be sure if it is worth to invest their feelings and time in this relationship. Another interpretation is, that they are uncertain of their feelings for you. If you just had a date for example, they might be thinking: "I am not sure about him/her, maybe after another date I'll know more." Lastly, the person in question might have expected more or something else. They might feel impatient, waiting for something to happen. 

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