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The Queen of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


being passionate, being creative, being enthusiastic, using your intuition, influencing others in a positive way, feeling confident, self-realization, being ambitious.

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Description and Symbolism

The Queen of Wands sits upon an amber coloured throne, that is adorned with sunflowers and lions. The sunflowers symbolize positivity, happiness and prosperity, and the lions represent strength and personal power. She wears a yellow robe which symbolizes her intellectual activity. In her left hand she holds a sunflower and in her right she holds a wand. A black cat sits at her feet. It represents awareness and psychic ability. The way she sits on the throne with her legs open indicates her self-confidence and sexual passion.

General Meaning

In the Queen of Wands, the elements Water and Fire are combined and therefore the realm of the emotional and the passions. If she does not represent a person, she can symbolize situations when you follow your passions and ambitions and when you are full of energy. If you have to face any decisions on your way, you will listen to your heart more than your head and you will also listen to your intuition to lead you to success. In a more negative sense your ambitions could be driven by negative feelings like revenge or you might have a hot temper.

As a Person


A woman or a man with feminine energy, probably in their thirties or mature, independent, strong, intelligent, enthusiastic, extroverted, passionate, determined, fiery, witty, popular, energetic, outgoing, wholehearted, ambitious, adventurous, attractive, sexy, creative, self-confident, warm, friendly, intuitive, proud, sincere, active, courageous, leader-type, having a lot of interests.

Love Meaning


If the Queen of Wands symbolizes your relationship its a sign that there is a lot of passion between you. You probably like to be active together and/or you have mutual life goals. When it comes to the feelings you have for each other, its easy for you to express them. This is a good thing when you treat each other lovingly, but also negative emotional outbursts are likely. The Queen of Wands also indicates fertility. It is a good card to get if you plan on getting pregnant.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Queen of Wands can indicate that the person in question is full of emotions for you. They might be sexually attracted, but they might also feel an emotional bond to you. More negatively this person could feel jealous or hurt. Emotional outbursts are likely. 

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