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Page of Swords - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism

confrontation, discussion, communication, dispute, new ideas, the will to learn, an active mind, thought processes, analyzing a problem, using logic, doing research, clearing up confusion, fighting injustice, being defensive, being fair, public speaking, interrogation, revealing truth, head in the clouds.

page of swords tarot

Description and Symbolism


The Page of Swords stands in a cliffy landscape with his sword raised high in front of him. He is still young and needs to practice with it. In the background are mountains and trees moving in the wind. The wind represents the Element of Air and the spirit. The heaven is blue and the clouds hang low, which seems to indicate that he stands high on a mountain. The clouds are symbolic of thoughts that come and go. Also, the swarm of the birds symbolize thoughts and the spirit. There seems to be a lot of movement in the picture indicating an active mind. The yellow color of his clothes symbolizes the intellect, and the red of his boots symbolize his energy and passion.


General Meaning

In the Page of Swords, the elements Air and Earth are combined and therefore the realm of the mind and the material. He can represent a message that you receive. This message could be about a confrontation, discussion or an important piece of information. He also symbolizes new plans, projects and ideas that you are enthusiastic about and that you want to put into action. As an advice the Page of Swords can indicate that you need to confront someone and discuss a matter or solve a conflict by communication and the use of a rational mind instead of being emotional.


as a person


somoene young or immature, male or female, mostly using their intellect and rational mind, energetic, intelligent, mentally active, quick-witted, educated but inexperienced, free-thinker, likes to figure things out, curious, communicative, argumentative, alert, talkative

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Page of Swords can indicate a discussion, confrontation or message that you receive. Maybe there have been misunderstandings and now it is time to clear them up. When you do so, it is important to be fair and to use your rational mind instead of getting carried away by emotions. When you are in a relationship, he can also indicate that you and your partner enjoy to discuss all kinds of topics. If the relationship is still new, he can symbolize the process of getting to know each other by communication.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels about you the Page of Swords can indicate that they feel like talking to you. There might be something they want to clarify. They could also be thinking about you - not necessarily in a romantic, but rather an analytical way. Maybe they want to know more about you. 

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