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Nine of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


power of endurance, courage, caution, setbacks, exhaustion, mistrust, to be prepared, being defensive, to not give up, to fight for a cause, to expect something bad, fulfilling duties, being ready.


Description and Symbolism

A man stands on a concrete floor, holding a wand with both of his hands before him. It seems like he is ready to fight if necessary. He looks to the side with suspicion, as if he expects some sort of attack. He has a bandage on his head indicating that he was hurt by someone before. Eight more wands stand upright behind him, as if building a fence to keep out intruders.



General Meaning


The number 9 refers to a culmination. Here, it is the culmination of fear and distrust. But the number 9 also indicates that this is a stage before the attainment of a goal. Maybe you have almost reached your goal and now you feel like something could go wrong in the last moment. Nine of Wands can appear in situations when we are distrustful of something or someone. It could be that you experienced something bad in the past and consequently you have learned to be careful. Another meaning is, that you see troubles coming your way and you prepare yourself to be able to get over them. You make yourself ready to 'fight' for what is important to you. It can also symbolize endurance. Like the man in the picture, you might be exhausted already from all you have gone through before, but you are determined to do what is necessary. Lastly, it indicates defensiveness.

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Nine of Wands can indicate the mistrust in a person or the fear of getting hurt. Maybe you have already had some bad experiences with your partner or in a past relationship and now you act guarded. It could also mean that you are ready to face challenges that might come up in the relationship and that you won’t give up easily. Nine of Wands also indicates being defensive - so it can symbolize that you are being attacked or accused by your partner and you feel like you have to defend yourself.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels about you, Nine of Wands can indicate that the person in question has been hurt in the past and now they feel distrustful. They might expect that something bad will happen. It could be that they feel like they need to protect or defend themselves. 

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