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Nine of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Key Symbolism


wealth, prosperity, happiness, hobbies, personal success, self-love, financial stability, luxury, contentment, independence, self-discipline, reputation, high status, self-confidence, wisdom, beauty, being happy on your own, leisure, retirement, gratitude, self-sufficiency, feeling left to oneself, to feel like in a golden cage.

nine of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


The Nine of Pentacles shows a well-dressed woman standing in front of a hedgerow with luscious grapes, representing fertility and joy. She wears a yellow luxurious robe with red on the inside and a red hat. Yellow is symbolic of the intellect and red of passion and pleasures. In the background we see a landscape with mountains, trees and a castle. On the hedgerow nine pentacles are placed to indicate her wealth and success. She has her hand placed on one of them. Her other hand is raised with a hooded falcon sitting on it. Maybe falconry is her hobby. But the deeper meaning could be that she feels trapped in a golden cage like the bird on her hand.



General Meaning

The number nine cards of the Tarot feature persons that are alone. Nines deal with the relationship we have with ourselves. In the Nine of Pentacles card, the women depicted seems to enjoy her life. It seems she has reached goals, accumulated wealth and she also had time to cultivate hobbies like falconry. This card can symbolize a time when we focus on ourselves and seek happiness that is independent from external sources. You might pick up a new hobby, take a vacation on your own or concentrate on your personal growth and your individual goals. In a more negative sense, Nine of Pentacles can symbolize that you feel like in a golden cage. Maybe you have it all, but you are still not happy.

Love Meaning


In a love reading Nine of Pentacles can indicate that you need a lot of time for yourself even when you are in a relationship. Maybe you have a lot of interests and hobbies that you don't share with your partner, so you spend some time on your own to cultivate them. It can also suggest that you are happy on your own and don't necessarily need to have a partner to be fulfilled. This card also can come up after a break up, when you start to concentrate on yourself again and you follow your individual goals and interests. As an advice card it can ask you to do so, and to find happiness within yourself. In a negative sense it could indicate that there is too much independence in the relationship, and you need to be careful not to drift apart. It can also symbolize that even though you seem to have it all, you feel lonely and left to yourself in a relationship.


As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Nine of Pentacles can indicate that the person in question is happy on their own and also likes to spend a lot of time alone. It could be that this person is not looking for romance. But they might like you in a friendly way, or feel like you enrich their life. 

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