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King of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


success through persistent work, achieved longterm goals, abundance, wealth, financial security, a business man, caring father, luxury, success, business, discipline, high status, leadership, prosperity, loyalty, love for nature.

king of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


The King of Pentacles sits upon a throne that is adorned with silver bulls heads on the top and the armrests of the throne. They represent the element earth that is connected to the Suit of Pentacles. It looks like it is made of black marble, a very expensive material and representation of his life in luxury. He wears an opulent gown decorated with purple grapes symbolizing abundance and wealth. In one hand he holds a golden scepter, his other hand rests on a pentacle that is placed on his leg. He has a proud look on his face. All around him are grapes and lush plants. In the background we see his beautiful castle.

General Meaning

In the King of Pentacles the elements earth and air, and therefore the realm of the material and the mental forces are combined. He symbolizes success that is achieved by working persistently. He often represents someone wealthy or a business man. As an advice he asks you to keep on working for your goals, not to take any risks and to think everything through before taking action. In a future position he indicates that whatever you work on will bring you the results you want. He is a good card to get especially if you ask about your financial future, since he symbolizes wealth and abundance. In a more negative sense, he could represent being too materialistic.


As a Person


Most probably a man or a woman with masculine traits, in their late thirties or mature, down to earth, pragmatic, practical, mature, experiened, intelligent, businessman, hard-working, generous, persistent, practical, successful, wealthy, rich, good provider, traditional, reliable, family man, faithful, loyal, high status, grounded, stable, cautious, no risk-taker, supporting, proud, powerful

Love Meaning

For singles he can indicate that you will meet a person with the character traits of the King of Pentacles. You can expect this person to be charming, caring and very loyal to you. He also is very likely to want a marriage and start a family. He is the complete opposite of a player type of guy. If he represents a relationship, he symbolizes stability, faithfulness, loyalty and taking good care of one another.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, King of Pentacles can indicate that the person in question feels commited and loyal to you. They probably feel sure about what they want. Their feelings are unlikely to change easily. 

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