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Four of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


unhappiness, indifference, disappointment, withdrawal, apathy, disinterest, sulking, depression, unawareness, boredom, rejection, no challenges, being self-absorbed, pausing to reflect

four of cups tarot

Description and Symbolism


A man is sitting underneath a tree. He has his arms and legs crossed before him and does not seem to be interested in what is around him at all. In front of him are three cups and a forth cup is handed to him by a hand that reaches out of a cloud -  just like in the Ace of Cups. The man does not even seem to notice and seemingly has no intention of taking it. 

General Meaning


Four is a number symbolizing stability - and stability can be pleasant, but also evoke boredom, when there is no challenge anymore. In the picture the man takes for granted what he has and what he is being offered. The Four of Cups can represent times when we are complacent or bored and don't see challenges. Another meaning is that of unhappiness and disappointment. Maybe you are sad about something, and you chose to just withdraw for a while. At this time nothing really can raise your mood or spark your interest. Four of Cups can also symbolize a rejection or general disinterest. 


Love Meaning


In a love reading the Four of Cups can represent that someone is taken for granted. Your love life might be in a stable but boring routine. It can also represent a rejection or disappointment. The body language of the man under the tree might represent how someone is feeling at the time. They might be sulking after a fight, or dealing with a disappointment. If you ask if someone is interested in you, this card is a clear 'no'.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you Four of Cups can mean that the person in question is not interested in you. They don't notice you or they might even feel like avoiding you on purpose. In case there was a fight they might be sulking. The person in question might also feel satiated. You might be taken for granted by them.

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