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Five of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


financial hardship, bad health, aggravating circumstances, feeling left out in the cold, neglect, poverty, adversity, unemployment, job loss, bad luck, hunger, lack, rejection, broken dreams, exclusion.

five of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


A couple in poor clothing is walking past a church at winter time. They don’t even wear shoes although it is snowing. The man has a bandage on his head and an injured or crippled leg. He is using crutches to walk. The woman covers her head and body with a cloth to keep herself warm. The stained glass window of the church shows five pentacles among colorful ornaments. The church is a symbol for spiritual comfort in these hopeless times.


General Meaning

The number five represents change and difficulties here. This card symbolizes situations when there is a lack of something. There could be a lack of money or a lack of attention by your partner. It could also symbolize a phase when you are not at your best health, physically or mentally. Five of Pentacles could also indicate that you feel expelled from a group or like an outsider. You might not feel good enough. Another meaning could be that uncontrollable circumstances around you make your life harder - like the snow and the coldness of winter make life even harder for these homeless people.

Love Meaning


In a love meaning Five of Pentacles can mean that you feel neglected by your partner. You might feel left out in the cold, and there might be a lack of attention and love. Maybe you feel like you just don't get enough from them. For singles it can symbolize a rejection by your love interest or maybe you just don't feel good enough for someone. It could also represent a relationship that is looked upon as being improper and this probably makes you feel like outsiders. In a more positive sense, it could mean that you stick together as a couple in a hard time that you have to face.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, Five of Pentacles can indicate that they feel like not getting enough from you. There could be a lack of attention or affection. Another interpretation is that they don't feel good enough for you or they feel rejected. 

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