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Eight of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Key Symbolism


 dedication, hard work, commitment, the acquisition of a skill, focus, effort, knowledge, expertise, education, ambition, confidence, pride, learning, improving, progress, monotony, the workplace.

eight of pentacles

Description and Symbolism


We see a man working on etching a pentagram into a pentacle. He looks very focused on his work, and it seems he has isolated himself for this reason by choosing a place away from the city and the hustle and bustle. Five of the coins he has finished are hung up on a wooden wall. It seems he is proud of his work and wants to have it displayed. The shirt he wears is blue, symbolizing his knowledge and experience in the field and his red pants represent his passion and ambition.


General Meaning

The number eight refers to an achievement in this card. Eight of Pentacles is about dedication and hard work that is necessary to achieve your goals. It can represent a time when you are determined and committed to a task and you know that the work you put in will bring you the rewards you want. Eight of Pentacles can represent a work project, studies, the acquisition of a new skill or the dedication to work on a relationship. 

Love Meaning


In a love reading the Eight of Pentacles can represent a relationship that you are willing to work on. You might have had issues in the past and now you have decided to make things better by putting in all your efforts. If you ask how your partner sees the relationship, you have reasons to be happy, because this card symbolizes dedication and commitment. In a more negative sense, it could represent that someone is working all the time and neglecting the relationship.

As Feelings


If you ask how someone feels for you, Eight of Pentacles can indicate that the person in question feels committed to you. They are willing to work on the relationship and want to build something of value with you. They want to bring something to the table. This person might want to show you, that they are what you are looking for. 

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