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7 - The Chariot - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


quest for change, action, confidence, willpower, determination, moving forward, the pursuit of goals, the control over opposing forces, the need for a change, facing difficult situations, overcoming obstacles, being challenged, victory, concentration of energies, leaving safe waters, hiding behind defences.

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The Chariot - Description and Symbolism

The Chariot shows a man in armor, inside a vehicle that is pulled by two sphinxes - male and female, one black, one white. It seems they are not even moving - but if they would, they would pull in opposite directions. The sphinxes are a symbol of opposing forces that need to be brought into balance. In his hand the charioteer holds the staff of the Magician, but he does not hold any reins to steer the sphinxes. If the wants to make them move, he will have to use the power of his will. The signs on his clothing are alchemical symbols representing a spiritual transformation. The winged sun on the chariot is a symbol of divinity and power.


The Chariot - General Meaning

The Chariot has the number 7, representing a challenge. This card stands for the quest for a change, a challenge and the overcoming of obstacles we are facing on the way. In the depiction, the man steering the chariot is leaving the city behind, to face what is waiting for him outside the safe haven of the city. The Chariot can appear in situations when the seeker willfully searches for a new challenge. Maybe you want to leave your current job and try something completely different, or you are thinking about a new start in a foreign country. Its very likely that you are facing obstacles on your way and that you need to make compromises and bring opposing forces into balance to get the results  you wish for. The Chariot also advises you to keep a strong will and not let obstacles keep you from reaching your goals. 

The Chariot - Love Meaning

In a love reading the Chariot can indicate a challenging relationship where opposing forces need to be brought into balance and compromises need to be made.


It could also symbolize a forward movement in the relationship. Maybe you have been dating for a while and now you are planning the next steps.

The breast plate on the charioteer can also represent someone shielding their heart from feelings, because they don't want to get hurt or invested in a relationship.

If a breakup has just happened, the Chariot can symbolize a time, when you leave behind what was known and now you need to reorganize your life and face new challenges. This card can indicate that the person is not planning to come back for now. They either left on their own will or decided to leave the past behind.


The Chariot - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the Chariot can mean different things. It can indicate that the person in question wants to take a step forward.  They might want to deepen the relationship, they have with you, and explore that new terrain.


Another meaning could be that they feel like they need to get away from you and explore what else is out there. Symbolically, you might be the city they leave behind or the land they want to conquer.


Another interpretation is that they feel torn. It might be hard for them to make that forward movement. Something could be holding them back, pull them in a different direction, or there are obstacles in the way.


Lastly, it can indicate that they don't want to get emotionally invested in the relationship. They protect their heart, like the man in the chariot wearing a breast plate. 

7 - The Chariot Reversed - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


obstacles hindering progress, giving up, feeling stuck, 

lack of direction, feeling powerless, rushing into a matter, failure

Chariot Reversed - General Meaning

The Chariot upright deals with a change and forward movement. When it appears reversed, it can indicate that there is a struggle to move forward. Maybe something is holding you back or something stands in your way.  It could be very difficult to bring opposing forces into balance before that forward movement is possible. Chariot reversed can also indicate a failure of plans. 

Chariot Reversed - Love Meaning

When the Chariot appears reversed in a love reading, it can indicate that a relationship is not progressing. There might also be obstacles in the way of the happiness of a couple, that are hard to overcome.  Another meaning could be that someone is rushing into a relationship and this might have negative consequences. 

Chariot Reversed - As Feelings

When you ask how someone feels for you, the Chariot reversed can indicate that they feel like it is hard to progress with your relationship. Alternatively, they could feel like things are progressing too fast. They might feel rushed. 

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