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17 - The Star - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


good luck, renewal, hope, faith, good intentions, renewed self-esteem, protection, beneficial developements, positive turns, end of crisis, healing, spirituality, a blessing by the universe, inspiration, trust in the universe, optimism, abundance, happiness, fullfillment, attained goals, wishes coming true, helping others, being helped, caring, selflessness.

star tarot

Description and Symbolism

A naked woman is kneeling at a pond. One of her feet is placed on the water and one on the ground. She is pouring purified water into the pond and on the ground to recharge the waters energy and to nourish the earth. The pond symbolizes the subconscious and the land represents the material world. Above her is a sky with 7 small and one big star. The eight-pointed star is a symbol for regeneration and redemption.


General Meaning

The Star has the number 17, which can be reduced to number 8 and refers to the Strength card and to rebirth. The Star symbolizes good luck, renewal and beneficial energies flowing in. When this card appears in a reading, it is a very good sign - especially in the future position. It indicates positive energies and a change for the better. If there is something you have been wishing for, the Star can symbolize that it will come true. Another meaning of this card is healing. If you haven't been feeling well lately - physically or mentally -  it can mean that a healing process is setting in and this will bring a sense of renewal. Since the woman is taking care of nature, another aspect of this card is taking care of others, helping them out or being helped. 

Love Meaning

In a love reading the Star can represent a relationship that seems like a blessing. You might have found your soulmate or you feel very lucky to have a certain person in your life. It can also hint at a renewal and fresh feelings in a relationship. Maybe your love life is very positively influenced by your circumstances lately. If you have been wishing for something to happen regarding love, its a good sign of your wish coming true. For singles the Star can indicate that now is a promising time to find the right partner.

As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, Star can indicate that the person in question feels very optimistic. They might feel as if a wish is coming true for them. They might think that they are meant to be with you, and feel strangely connected to you. Another interpretation is, that you make them feel alive. They could even have the feeling of being healed by you. The energies you have to offer might be helpful to them. But it could also be the other way around. They might feel happy to help and support you. They might feel like you need something, that they can give to you.

Negative or reversed Meaning

If the Star represents a negative aspect, it can indicate that you feel hopeless. You might feel like luck is not on your side at the moment. Maybe you have waited for some time for the fullfillment of a wish and you start to question if it will ever happen. Be sure that the universe is at your side, even in times when things don't seem to go as planned. It can also indicate that you are in a state of exhaustion and need to take care of yourself to restore your mental and physical health.

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