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11 - Justice - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


justice, fairness, balance, reason, rationality, objectivity, honesty, bringing something into balance, to experience the consequences of our actions, responsibility, order, truth, the law, legal matters, to do the right thing, to weigh pros and cons.

justice tarot

Justice - Description and Symbolism


A woman is depicted holding a scale and a sword. The scale represents equality and balance and the sword is a symbol for her logical mind that is needed to make a fair judgment. The red robe and the crown she is wearing symbolize her authority.



Justice - General Meaning

The Justice card has the number 11, which can be reduced to the number 2 and stands for balance and decisions. It generally represents decisions about right and wrong and ethical, fair behaviour. It represents situations when we are aware of what is the right thing to do and when we use our logical mind to make a decision. As an advice, it can ask you to weigh all sides and look at the pros and cons before taking action. It reminds us to do what is right and fair, and warns us, to not only act on our emotions and our own interests. We should not forget that there is an effect to every cause, and that we need to be willing to accept the consequences of our actions. This card can also appear in a reading when something happens as a consequence of previous behaviour. Justice can also indicate an involvement in a legal concern.

Justice - Love Meaning


In a love reading Justice can represent a relationship where certain rules play a role. Maybe there were conflicts in the past and now one or both of the people involved try to do what is right and fair or what was agreed upon. It can also represent the willingness to accept justified criticism by the partner. If a relationship is represented by this card, it can indicate that there is mutual respect, considerateness and fair behaviour. But it could also indicate that a couple is together for other reasons than love and passion. They could be thinking, it is the right thing to do.

Justice - As Feelings

If you ask how someone feels for you, the meaning can depend on the circumstances. If you just met someone, it could mean that they feel like you are the right person for them. They could be thinking that the two of you fit together well. If you are in a relationship with them, it could mean the same thing. But it could also mean, they feel it is the right thing to be with you. So it could be the case, that they are together with you for other reasons than just love and passion. 

Justice Reversed - Tarot Card Meanings

Key Symbolism


injustice, imbalance, dishonesty, wrong decisions, prejudice, bias,

avoiding accountability for past actions, having difficulty making a decision

Justice Reversed - General Meaning


If Justice appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that something that is happening is not fair. Maybe you did someone wrong and now you are plagued by a guilty conscience. Or its the other way around and you are the victim of injustice. Justice reveresed can also indicate that something just does not feel right. Maybe you are in a situation where you keep on doing something, but deep down you know that this is not what you want and what feels right. It can indicate that you lie to yourself. Another Meaning could be that you don't want to see the truth. Since Justice also deals with decisions, it could mean that a decision is very hard to make or that it is the wrong decision.

Justice Reversed - Love Meaning


If Justice appears reversed in a love reading, it can indicate that one of the persons involved in a relationship feels they are being treated unfairly. Maybe you have a partner who does not like to make compromises and they value their own preferences higher than yours. It can also indicate that you are plagued by a guilty conscience, because being with a certain person is not in accordance with your ethics. For example when you have fallen in love with the ex-partner of your best friend. Another meaning could be that being with your current partner does not feel right to you anymore. 

Justice Reversed - As Feelings

As feelings Justice reversed can indicate that someone feels like they are being treated in an unfair manner.

It can also indicate they think that it just doesn't feel right being with you. They might think you are not a good match. 

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